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Cajun, Zydeco and Swamp Music Part 2
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Hold My False Teeth and I'll Show You How to dance - Camey Doucet
Commentary - All Commentary is by Bashful Bob
Les Flammes d'Enfer - D J Menard
Rosa Majeur -Queen Ida
Zydeco Sont Pas Sale - Clifton Chenier
Valse dw Cajun - Iry Lejeune
Not Lonesome Anymore - Aldus Rogers
One is a Lonely Number - Phil Menard
Cher Alice - Lawrence Walker
Pauvre Hobo - Nathan Abshire
Devant Ta Porte - The Balfa Brothers
Creole Stomp - Joe falcon
Wrap it up Zydeco - Clifton Chenier
Country Women _ Cleveland Crocket
Tracks of my Buggy - Nathan Abshire
Les Nuits - Emile Vidrine
Bastille - The Lost Bayou Ramblers
Wildwood Flower - D L Menard
Step it too Fast -Amedee Breaux
Port Arthur Blues - Wade Fruge
The Crowley Two-Step - Aldus Rogers
The Texas Waltz - Nathan Abshire
Tighten Up - Clifton Chenier
Pere et Garcon Zydeco - John Delafose
Je Suis Orphelin - The Balfa Brothers
Waltz of the Mulberry Limb - Iry Lejeune
J'ai Vule Loup - Beausoleil
La Danse De La Vie - Beausoleil
Tiens Bon - Steve Riley
Cajun Waltz - Austin Pitre
Rye Whiskey - Harry Choates
Bring Her Back Waltz - Adam Herbert
Wild Side of Life - The Pine Grove Boys
Mamou Two -Step - Lawrence Walker
Jole Blond - Harry Choates
J'ai ete Y an Bal - Iry Lejeune
Drunkard's Dream - Cleveland Crocket
Marie - Aldus Rogers
Phil's Waltz - Nathan Abshire
Me Suis Marille - The Balfa Brothers