Show 105

Vocal Quartets
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Show Playlist

If I Didn't Care - The Ink Spots
Commentary - All Commentary is by Bashful Bob
You Better Mind - The Golden gate Quartet
Wade in the Water - The Golden gate Quartet
Down by the Riverside - The Golden gate Quartet
Hush - The Golden gate Quartet
Voot Nay on the Vot Nay - The Basin Street Boys
I Sold My Heart to the Junkman - The Basin Street Boys
Lazy River - The Mills Brothers
Glow Worm - The Mills Brothers
Paper Doll - The Mills Brothers
You Always Hurt the One You Love - The Mills Brothers
Till Then - The Mills Brothers
It's No Sin - The Four Aces
Tell Me Why - The Four Aces
Love is a Many Splendered Thing - The Four Aces
Three Coins in the Fountain - The Four Aces
Ragg Mopp - The Ames brothers
You, You, You - The Ames brothers
Sentimental Me - The Ames brothers
It Only Hurts for a Little While - The Ames brothers
Skokiaan - The Four Lads
No, not Much - The Four Lads
Down by the Riverside - The Four Lads
Gilly, Gilly Ossenfeffer Katzenellen Bogen by the Sea - The Four Lads
26 Miles - The Four Preps
Big Man - The Four Preps
Down by the Station - The Four Preps
More Money for You and Me - The Four Preps
P.S. I Love You - The Hilltoppers
Sh Boom - The Crew Cuts
Moments to Remember - The Four Lads