Show 127

Californication Season 3
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Show Playlist

Rocket Man 03 Remix - Elton John
Commentary - All commentary is by Bashful Bob.
I've Done Everything for You - Rick Springfield
Carmelita - Warren Zevon with Jackson Browne
Waterfall - Lindsay George
Fixed to Ruin - Sam Roberts
Jesse's Girl - Rick Springfield
You got a Killer Scene There, Man - Queens of the Stone Age
Can't Find My Way Home - Stuffy Schmitt
You'e the One I Want - Danielle Duval
Lord - Sleepy Sun
Start Over Again - Emily McGuire
Green Haze - Miles Davis
Bye Bye Blackbird - Roberta Donnay
Like You Do - Bubonic Souls
Tune -Up - Miles Davis
Love Somebody - Rick Springfield
Ooh La La - Faces
The Weight - Little Feat
Carmelita - G G Allin
My Precious Little - Rick Springfield
Tunnel - Cafe Du Midi
Blue Over You - Pato Margetic
I Want You to Want Me - Damhwait Doyle
3 Rounds and a Sound - Blind Pilot
Real Big Leagues - John Neal and the Poeboy Society
Love is Alright Tonight - Rick Springfield
Werewolves of London - Widespread panic
New York Groove - Ace Frehley and Kiss
Sugar - Don Wilson
Not Dark Yet - Jimmy La Fave
Babbette Goes to Delaware - Luther Russell
There is a Formula to Your Despair - The Warlocks
You May Emerge from this more Dead than Alive - Hammock
Alarmist - Pacific U V