Show 347

Sons of Anarchy Season 4
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Show Playlist

Still Drunk, Still Crazy, Still Blue - Scott H. Biram
Commentary - All Commentary is by Bashful Bob
Pocket Full of Flies - Battleme
Adalee - John Davis
I'm Going to a River - Don Cavalli
Houston Memory - The Coal Men
Take This Beach - Ben Ottewell
Strange Fruit - Katy Sagal
Family - Noah Gunderson
Killer High - Battleme
All of This Could Have Been Yours - Shooter Jennings
Ghost Letters - Bob Thiele
Blue Eyes - Middle Brother
18 Counties - Moreland and Arbuckle
Dig Down Deep - Vandaveer
I Do Believe My Time is Coming - Bo Molasses
Go it Alone - Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit
I Remember You - Ellen Jewell
Don't Know How to let You go - Katy Sagal
Time - Battleme and the Forest Rangers
Dreaming of You - Sarah White and the Forest Rangers
Red Bandanna - Leeroy Stagger
Coal War - Joshua James and the Forest Rangers
No Way - Scott H. Biram
Big Score - Battleme
I Don't wanna Know - Katy Sagal
What a Wonderful World - Alison Mosshart and the Forest Rangers
Lost Case of Being Found - Scott H. Biram
Lost at Sea - Miracle Parade
Glen Tipton - Sun Kil Moon
Drowning in Your Sea - Casual Confusion
House of the Rising Sun - White Buffalo