Show 349

Sons of Anarchy Season 6
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Better Off Now - Lady Antebellum
Commentary - All Commentary is by Bashful Bob
Sitting on the Dock of the Bay - Billy Valentine and The Forest Rangers
Under the Boardwalk - Rickie Lee Jones
Everyday People - The Forest Rangers
As Tears Go By - Noah Gunderson and The Forest Rangers
For a Dancer - Katy Sagal
You are My Sunshine - Jamie Johnson, Twiggy Ramirez, and Shooter Jennnings
Ten Million and Two - Ragnhild
Better Gone - Parlor Hawk
The Garden - Joshua James
Come Healing - Leonard Cohen
Day is Gone - Noah Gunderson and The Forest Rangers
I See Through You - Battleme and The Forest Rangers
We Better Run - Parlor Hawk
October Skies - Miz
Alright - The Warren Hood Band
Oh-Love, Oh-Lord - Jeff Crosby and the Refugees
Your Spell - John Moreland
Dopesick Blues - Miz
Open Water - The Saint Johns
Picking up the Pieces - Jef Scott
Tell Me You Love me Again - Kalen Nash
Crash This Train - Joshua James
Best Part - Katy Sagal
Follow the Sunshine (I Don't Have a Life) - Amy Loftus
Gospel - John Moreland
Lullaby for a Soldier - Maggie Siff and The Forest Rangers