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Folk - Country
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More Than Ever - Dan Fogelberg
Commentary - All Commentary is by Bashful Bob
Hickory Grove - Dan Fogelberg
Looking for a Lady - Dan Fogelberg
Wisteria - Dan Fogelberg
Anyway, I Love You - Dan Fogelberg
There's a Harbor - Lori Lieberman
Double Decker Jet Plane - Lori Lieberman
My Lover, Do You Know? - Lori Lieberman
Killing Me Softly with His Song - Lori Lieberman
Wedding Bell Blues - Laura Nyro
Lazy Susan - Laura Nyro
Good-Bye Joe - Laura Nyro
Stony End - Laura Nyro
He's a Runner - Laura Nyro
I Never Meant to Hurt You - Laura Nyro
Down the Road - Dan Fogelberg
High Country Snows - Dan Fogelberg
Go Down Easy - Dan Fogelberg
Think of What You've Done - Dan Fogelberg
Wandering Shepherd - Dan Fogelberg
Burning the Ballroom Down - Amazing Rhythm Aces
Ashes of Love - Amazing Rhythm Aces
Della's Long Brown Hair - Amazing Rhythm Aces
Amazing Grace Used to be Her Favorite Song - Amazing Rhythm Aces
I Pity the Mother and the Father - Amazing Rhythm Aces
All That I Had Left - Amazing Rhythm Aces
Illinois - Dan Fogelberg
Better Change - Dan Fogelberg
Souvenirs - Dan Fogelberg
Life's Railway to Heaven - Amazing Rhythm Aces
The Long Way - Dan Fogelberg