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Folk; Singer-Songwriters
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On Her Mind Again - Greg Austin
Commentary - All Commentary is by Bashful Bob
Don't Leave without Taking My Heart - Greg Austin
If You ever Come back Home - Greg Austin
I'll Catch You if You Fall - Greg Austin
Somewhere in Kentucky - The Greg Austin Band
I Would Crawl all the Way - The Greg Austin Band
Midnight Driver - The Greg Austin Band
Red Lights and Bar Fights - The Greg Austin Band
Take This Heart - Daring and Stahl
Shiloh - Daring and Stahl
Sweet Melodies in the Night - Daring and Stahl
Last Mansions - Daring and Stahl
Country Social - Daring and Stahl
The Boats They Come, The Boats They Go - Daring and Stahl
Marblehead Morning - Daring and Stahl
Gold Dust in Our Eyes - Daring and Stahl
The Mermaid - Daring and Stahl
The River - Daring and Stahl
Rescue Me - Dougie Maclean
Dolina - Dougie Maclean
Until We Meet Again - Dougie Maclean
Little Ones Walk On - Dougie Maclean
Scythe Song - Dougie Maclean
Ready for the Storm - Dougie Maclean
Feels so Near - Dougie Maclean with The Putumayo Celtic Tides
Caledonia - Dougie Maclean
The Gael - Dougie Maclean
Auld lang Syne - Dougie Maclean