Show 385

Jungle Music; Denny, Lyman and Esquivel
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Show Playlist

Quiet Village - Martin Denny
Commentary - All Commentary is by Bashful Bob
Ah Me Furi - Martin Denny
Similau - Martin Denny
China Nights - Martin Denny
Love Dance - Martin Denny
Busy Port - Martin Denny
Moon Goddess - Dominic Frontiere
Goddess of Love - Dominic Frontiere
House of Pleasure - Dominic Frontiere
Jaguar God - Dominic Frontiere
Manuel's Mambo - Cal Tjader
Tropicville - Cal Tjader
September Song - Cal Tjader
Blues from Havana - Cal Tjader
Jouvert 69 (Carnival 69) - The Lever Camboulays Steel Band
The Banana Boat Song - The Lever Camboulays Steel Band
Wonderful World - The Lever Camboulays Steel Band
Yellow Bird - The Lever Camboulays Steel Band
Somewhere My Love - The Lever Camboulays Steel Band
Taboo - Arthur Lyman
Cast Your Fate to the Wind - Arthur Lyman
Cindy O Cindy - Arthur Lyman
China Clipper - Arthur Lyman
Crickets of Karachi - Arthur Lyman
Te Manu Pakarua - Arthur Lyman
The Peanut Vendor - Esquivel
Mini Skirt - Esquivel
Agua De Beber - Esquivel
Begin the Beguine - Esquivel
Whatchamacallit - Esquivel
Mucha Muchacha - Esquivel
Sentimental Journey - Esquivel
Latin-esque - Esquivel
Baia - Esquivel
Lazy Bones - Esquivel
Anna - Esquivel
Yellow Bird - Arthur Lyman