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Russian Folk Music
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Along Peter Street - Feodor Chaliapin
Commentary - All Commentary is by Bashful Bob
Dark Night - Sasha Polinoff with The Russian-Gypsy Ensemble of Kostya Poliansky
Evening Bells - Sveshnikov Choir
The Pear Tree - Volga Choir
Mother-in-Law Had Seven In-Laws - Feodor Chaliapin
Where is the Street - Sasha Polinoff
Snow Flurries - Sasha Polinoff
Samara Town - Volga Choir
From a Distant Land - Sveshnikov Choir
Down the Volga River - Feodor Chaliapin
Stenka Razin - Sasha Polinoff
Over the Island - Feodor Chaliapin
Between Steep Banks - Volga Choir
The Broad and Rolling Steppe - Sveshnikov Choir
Love Has Passed - Sasha Polinoff
Down the Volga River - Volga Choir
Alone I Stand in the Road - Sveshnikov Choir
Red Bricks - Sasha Polinoff
Blind Farmer - Feodor Chaliapin
The Drake Went Courting - Volga Choir
Kazbek - Sasha Polinoff
At the Blacksmiths - Sveshnikov Choir
Karapet - Sasha Polinoff
Folk Dance - Feodor Chaliapin
Aliona - Volga Choir
Do Not Blame Me - Sveshnikov Choir
Farewell Gypsy Camp - Sasha Polinoff
Tale About Liya Muromec - Feodor Chaliapin
Singing in the Choir - Volga Choir
Days of Our Life - Sasha Polinoff
Let There Always be Sunshine - Sasha Polinoff
Snow Covered Russia - The Don Cossacks
Stenka Razin - Nicolai Ghiaurov