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Old Time Fiddle Music
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Commentary - All Commentary is by Bashful Bob
The Rags - Louis Beaudoin
Isidore's Reel - Louis Beaudoin
Golden Wedding Reel - Louis Beaudoin
The Growling Old Man and the Cackling Old Lady - Louis Beaudoin
Eddies' Reel - Louis Beaudoin
Walker Street Rag - Jerry Robichaud
East Coast Jig - Jerry Robichaud
Shelburne Reel - Jerry Robichaud
Spider Island Jig - Jerry Robichaud
Maxime La Blanc's Reel - Jerry Robichaud
Fisher's Hornpipe - Scott Campbell
Big John McNeil - Scott Campbell
Golden Slippers - Scott Campbell
Memory Waltz - Ken Campbell
Elfin Jig - Ken Campbell
Blue Mountain Hornpipe - Scott Campbell
Southern Hoedown - Ronald West
Coming Round the Mountain - James Lyman
Soldier's Joy - Harlan Berno
Lark in the Morning - Allan Block
Snowflake Breakdown - Ossie Proof
Crystal Schottische - Harold Luce
Fox on the Run - The Green Mountain Boys
Hickory Follow - The Green Mountain Boys
A Memory of You - The Green Mountain Boys
Bringing Mary Home - The Green Mountain Boys
Roll in My Sweet Baby's Arms - The Green Mountain Boys
Dueling Banjos - The Green Mountain Boys
Bully of the Town - Wilfred Guillette
Shoemaker - Wilfred Guillette
Whaling Breakdown - Wilfred Guillette
Reel De La St. Jean Baptiste - Wilfred Guillette
Norwegian Waltz - Wilfred Guillette
Rickets - Wilfred Guillette
Joe's Favorite - Beaudoin Family Band
La Bastringue - Beaudoin Family Band
Le Reel du Celibataire - Beaudoin Family Band
Reel in D - Beaudoin Family Band
Fireside Reel - Beaudoin Family Band
Twin Sisters - Jerry Robichaud
St. Patrick Jig - John Givens
Giles Roy Polka - Paul Gosselin
Good Neighbor Waltz - Henry Landry
Chorus Jig - Fred Smith
Favorite Reel - Tex Fortier
Bringing Mary Home - The Country Gentlemen