Show 406

Country Music Pioneers
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Nine Pound Hammer - Grayson and Whitter
Commentary - All Commentary is by Bashful Bob
Handsome Molly - Grayson and Whitter
Ommie Wise - Grayson and Whitter
Short Life of Trouble - Grayson and Whitter
Rose Conley - Grayson and Whitter
Tom Dooley - Grayson and Whitter
Lay Down Baby, Take Your Rest - Carolina Tar Heels
Backwater Blues - Uncle Dave Macon
Ida Red - The Blue Sky Boys
Jamestown Exhibition - Bayless Rose
Sail Away Ladies - Uncle Dave Macon
Nine Pound Hammer- Frank Blevins and His Tar Heel Ramblers
I've Got no Honey Baby Now - Frank Blevins and His Tar Heel Ramblers
Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss - Frank Blevins and His Tar Heel Ramblers
Wildwood Flower - The Carter Family
I'm Thinking Tonight of My Blue Eyes - The Carter Family
Bury Me Under the Weeping Willow - The Carter Family
Anchored in Love -The Carter Family
John Hardy - The Carter Family
Wabash Cannonball - The Carter Family
Ground Hog - Jack Reedy and His Walker Mountain String Band
Hold the Woodpile Down - Uncle Dave Macon
Go Long Mule - Uncle Dave Macon
Man of Constant Sorrow - Emry Arthur
The Burial of Wild Bill - Ernest Stoneman
Ramblin' Reckless Hobo - Ernest Stoneman
Say Darling Say - Ernest Stoneman
The Old Hickory Cane - Ernest Stoneman
The Face That Never Returned - Ernest Stoneman
Birmingham Jail - Darby and Tarlton
Columbus Stockade Blues - Darby and Tarlton
Careless Love - Darby and Tarlton
Down in Florida on a Hog - Darby and Tarlton
Frisco Line - Darby and Tarlton
Slow Wicked Blues - Darby and Tarlton
Freight Train Ramble - Darby and Tarlton
Ain't Gonna Marry No More - Darby and Tarlton
Faithless Husband - Darby and Tarlton
Lowe Bonnie - Darby and Tarlton
Traveling Yodel Blues - Darby and Tarlton
Sweet Sarah Blues - Darby and Tarlton
My Father Died a Drunkard - Darby and Tarlton
On the Banks of a Lonely River - Darby and Tarlton
Sweeping Through the Gates - Ernest Stoneman
I Am Resolved - Ernest Stoneman
Little Bessie - Darby and Tarlton