Show 416

Kind of Country
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Show Playlist

Whirlwind - Charlie Rich
Commentary - All Commentary is by Bashful Bob
Break Up - Charlie Rich
Who Will the Next Fool Be - Charlie Rich
No Headstone on My Grave - Charlie Rich
Sittin' and Thinkin' - Charlie Rich
Lonely Weekends - Charlie Rich
500 Miles Away from Home - Bobby Bare
Miller's Cave - Bobby Bare
Come Sundown - Bobby Bare
All-American Boy - Bobby Bare
The Winner - Bobby Bare
Hall of the Angels - Kris Kristofferson
Somebody Nobody Knows - Kris Kristofferson
The Bigger the Fool - Kris Kristofferson
When She was Wrong - Kris Kristofferson
The Last Time - Kris Kristofferson
What a Way to go - The Greg Austin Band
Grandpa's Hand - The Greg Austin Band
Red Lights and Bar Fights - The Greg Austin Band
I Would Crawl All the Way - The Greg Austin Band
I Love Robbin Banks - The Greg Austin Band
Salvation Song - The Avett Brothers
Smithsonian - The Avett Brothers
November Blue - The Avett Brothers
Slight Figure of Speech - The Avett Brothers
I'll Fly Away - The Avett Brothers
From the Bottle to the Bottom - Kris Kristofferson
To Beat the Devil - Kris Kristofferson
The Junkie and the Juicehead Minus Me - Kris Kristofferson
Come Sundown - Kris Kristofferson
Shadows of Her Mind - Kris Kristofferson
When I Loved Her - Kris Kristofferson
Detroit City - Bobby Bare