Show 428

Folk and Country
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Commentary - All Commentary is by Bashful Bob
Daisy Jane - America
Sister Golden Hair - America
You Never Even Call Me by My Name - Steve Goodman
Yellow Coat - Steve Goodman
Jazzman - Steve Goodman
Six Hours Ahead of the Sun - Steve Goodman
Spoon River - Steve Goodman
Rhythm of the Road - Michael Murphy
Buffalo Gun - Michael Murphy
Mansion on the Hill - Michael Murphy
Satisfied Mind - Ian and Sylvia
The French Girl - Ian and Sylvia
Molly and Tenbrooks - Ian and Sylvia
Friends of Mine - Ian and Sylvia
Coming Back to You - Boyer and Talton
Everyone has a Chance to Feel - Boyer and Talton
Message in the Wind - Boyer and Talton
Charlie's Tune - Goose Creek Symphony
Welcome to Goose Creek - Goose Creek Symphony
Raid on Brush reek in '39 - Goose Creek Symphony
A Satisfied Mind - Goose Creek Symphony
Favorite Song - Jonathon Edwards
Ain't Got Time - Jonathon Edwards
Hello - Jonathon Edwards
Hearts Overflowing - Jonathon Edwards
Laying My Life on the Line - Jerry Jeff Walker
Don't Think Twice, It's Alright - Jerry Jeff Walker
Lovin' of the Game - Jerry Jeff Walker
Dealing with the Devil - Jerry Jeff Walker
I'll Fly Away - Goose Creek Symphony
What am I Living for - The Mark- Almond Band