Show 429

Folk and Rock; Karla Bonoff
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Show Playlist

Right Time of the Night - Jennifer Warnes
Commentary - All Commentary is by Bashful Bob
Sand and Foam - Jennifer Warnes
These Days - Jennifer Warnes
Empty Bottles - Jennifer Warnes
The Night the Ice Age Came to Mobile - Pacheco and Alexander
Anna Lee - Pacheco and Alexander
Please take a Stand - Pacheco and Alexander
Newport, Aug. 14 - Bonnie Koloc
Kentucky Dream - Bonnie Koloc
On the Road - Bonnie Koloc
Roll Away the Gray - Bonnie Koloc
Roslyn - Bonnie Koloc
Wind on the Water - Bonnie Koloc
We're All Alone - Rita Coolidge
I Don't want to talk About it - Rita Coolidge
Words - Rita Coolidge
Who's to Bless and Who's to Blame - Rita Coolidge
The Hungry Years - Rita Coolidge
The Good Love - Wendy Waldman
Pirate Ship - Wendy Waldman
The Easy Way Out - Wendy Waldman
Destined to be Wild - Wendy Waldman
Living in Hard Times - Wendy Waldman
The Renegade Side - Wendy Waldman
Letter Home - Wendy Waldman
The Crossroads - Wendy Waldman
Someone to lay down Beside Me - Karla Bonoff
I Can't Hold On - Karla Bonoff
Lose Again - Karla Bonoff
Home - Karla Bonoff
Faces in the Wind - Karla Bonoff
Isn't it Always Love - Karla Bonoff
If He's Ever Near - Karla Bonoff
Flying High - Karla Bonoff
Falling Star - Karla Bonoff
Rose in the Garden - Karla Bonoff