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Folk Music for Afficianados
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C. C. Rider - Leadbelly
Commentary - All Commentary is by Bashful Bob
State of Arkansas - The Weavers
Bonneville Dam - Cisco Houston
East Virginia Blues - Pete Seeger
The Hangman - John Jacob Niles
The Unfortunate Man - Jimmy Driftwood
The Fox - Odetta
The Squirrel - Leon Bibb
I Know an Old Lady - Alan Mills
Old Joe Clark - Jimmy Driftwood
Old Dan Tucker - Cisco Houston
The Whistling Gypsy - Tommy Makem
The Cobbler's Song - Tommy Makem
The Wild Goose Grasses - The Weavers
When Cockle Shells Turn Silver Bells - Ed McCurdy
Lang A-Growing - Ewan MacColl
Get Along Little Dogies - The Weavers
The Buffalo Skinners - Cisco Houston
The Wreck of the Old 97 - Cisco Houston
East Texas Red - Cisco Houston
Railroad Bill - Cisco Houston
Danville Girl - Cisco Houston
The Streets of Laredo - Cisco Houston
Hard Travelin' - Cisco Houston
Do Re Mi - Cisco Houston
John Hardy - Cisco Houston
The Cat Came Back - Cisco Houston
Driving on Bald Mountain - Odetta
Saro Jane - Odetta
All the Pretty Horses - Odetta
No More Cane on the Brazos - Odetta
He's Got the Whole World in His Hands - Odetta
The Ox Driver - Odetta
Another Man Done Gone - Odetta
The Johnson Boys - The Weavers
Eddystone Light - The Weavers
The Erie Canal - The Weavers
Greenland Whale Fisheries - The Weavers
We're All Dodgin' - The Weavers
No More Auction Block for Me - Odetta with The Choir of the Church of the Master