Show 459

Rare Doo-Wop from Bob and Elaine
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Bim Bam Boom - The El Dorados
Commentary - All Commentary is by Bashful Bob
Imagination - The Quotations
Come Go with Me - The Federals
Oh Gee, Oh Gosh - The Kodaks
Rockin' Little Angel - Ray Smith
Robbin' the Cradle - Tony Bellis
I Cried My Heart Out - The Sultans
Newly Wed - The Orchids
Dreams of Contentment - The Dells
Darling Forever - The Marvelettes
This is My Love - The Passions
I'll be Forever Loving You - The El Dorados
Up on the Mountain - The Magnificents
So Tough - The Casuals
I Love You - The Volumes
Dreams are for Fools - The Revalons
Dry Your Eyes - Brenda and the Tabulations
Long Lonely Nights - The Kings
Stormy Weather - The Leaders
The Way You Look Tonight - The Jaguars
Gee How I Wish You Were Here - Curtis Lee and the Halos
Girl in My Dreams - The Cliques
If You Want to - The Carousels
Lost Love - The Superiors
I Make this Pledge to You - The Chanters
What Brought Us Together - The Edsels
Zoom - The Cadillacs
Bong Bong - Vince Castro
Guardian Angel - The Imaginations
Tonight (could be the night) - The Velvets
I Really Love You - The Stereos
A Casual Look - The Six Teens
Lullaby of the Bells - The Deltairs
Solitaire - The Embers
I See a Star - The Roulettes
Count Every Star - The Rivieras
The Stars - The Ocapellos