Show 482

O Brother! Where Art Thou?
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Show Playlist

You Are My Sunshine - Norman Blake
Commentary - All Commentary is by Bashful Bob
Po' Lazarus - James Carter and the Prisoners
Tom Devil - Mississippi Chain Gang
I Am a man of Constant Sorrow - Norman Blake
Hard Time Killing Floor Blues - Chris Thomas King
Tishomingo Blues - John Hartford
I Am Weary, Let Me Rest - The Cox Family
Down to the River to Pray - Alison Krauss
Man of Constant Sorrow - Dan Tyminski
Big Rock Candy Mountain - Harry McClintock
Little Sadie - Norman Blake
Angel Band - The Peasall Sisters
I'll Fly Away - Alison Krauss and Gillian Welch
Lonesome Valley - The Fairfield Four
Man of Constant Sorrow - John Hartford
The Lord Will Make a Way - The Fairfield Four
Keep on the Sunny Side - The Whites
I'll Fly Away - The Kossoy Sisters
Angel Band - The Peasall Sisters with Robert Hamlett
You Are My Sunshine - Alan O'Bryant
Don't Leave Nobody but the Baby - Emmy Lou Harris, Alison Krauss, Gillian Welch
In the Highways - The Peasall Sisters
Indian War Whoop - John Hartford
In the Jailhouse Now - Tim Blake Nelson
O Death - Ralph Stanley
Down in a Willow Garden - Holly Hunter
Down in a Willow Garden - The Kossoy Sisters
Are You Lonesome Tonight? - The Carter Family
Girl on the Greenbriar Shore - The Carter Family
Gold Watch and Chain - The Carter Family
My Old Cottage Home - The Carter Family
My Dixie Darling - The Carter Family
Amber Tresses - The Carter Family
How Can a Poor Man Stand Such Hard Times as These - Blind Alfred Reed
Lye Soap - Seven Foot Dilley and His Dilley Pickles
Worried Man Blues - Wade Mainer
He's in the Jailhouse Now (1928) - Jimmy Rogers
A Picture from Life's Other Side - Bradley Kincaid
Angel Band - The Stanley Brothers