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Torch Singers
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Bill - Helen Morgan
Commentary - All Commentary is by Bashful Bob
Can't Help Lovin' That man Of Mine - Helen Morgan
I See Two Lovers - Helen Morgan
More Than You Know - Helen Morgan
Do Do Do - Helen Morgan
Something to remember You By - Helen Morgan
Mean to Me - Helen Morgan
Body and Soul - Helen Morgan
The Little Things You Used to do - Helen Morgan
When he Comes Home to me - Helen Morgan
Why was I Born - Helen Morgan
After You've Gone - Ruth Etting
Dancing with Tears in My Eyes - Ruth Etting
I'll Get By - Ruth Etting
If I Could be with you - Ruth Etting
Shine on Harvest Moon - Ruth Etting
Can't We be Friends - Libby Holman
He's a Good man to have Around - Libby Holman
Something to Remember You By - Libby Holman
Moanin' Low - Libby Holman
Am I Blue - Libby Holman
Little Girl Blue - Marge Dodson
Looking for a Boy - Marge Dodson
Someone to watch Over Me - Marge Dodson
I Cover the Waterfront - Marge Dodson
Sand in My Shoes - Marge Dodson
The End of a Love Affair - Marge Dodson
When Your Lover has Gone - Marge Dodson
But Not for me - Marge Dodson
These Foolish Things - Marge Dodson
Every Time We say Good-bye - Jeri Southern
Autumn in New York - Jeri Southern
Dancing on the Ceiling - Jeri Southern
You Better Go Now - Jeri Southern
The Very Thought of You - Jeri Southern
He was too Good to Me - Jeri Southern
I Thought of You last Night - Jeri Southern
Isn't it Romantic - Jeri Southern
I Remember You - Jeri Southern
When I Fall in Love - Jeri Southern