Show 522

Swamp Music part 2
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Show Playlist

Mathilda - Johnnie Allan
Commentary - All Commentary is by Bashful Bob
Today I Started Loving You Again - Johnnie Allan
Lord, I Need Somebody Bad - Van Broussard
Whiskey Heaven - Frankie Ford
(The Freeze) If You Don't want me to - Warren Storm
Sweet Dreams - Tommy McClain
Bye Bye Baby - Randy and the Rockets
Don't You Think I Paid Enough - Ron Bernard
I Can't Sleep if I can't Sleep with You - Floyd Brown
I'll Try One More Time - Al Ferrier
Don't let Me Cross Over - Johnny Koonse
You're Pouring Water - Little Bob and the Lollipops
Got You on My Mind - Van Broussard
The Prisoner's Song - Warren Storm
Colinda - Ron Bernard
Cajun Fugitive - Belton Richard
If Teardrops Were Pennies - Harrison Fontenot
Karvillien Alleman - Johnnie Allan
La Cravate - Harrison Fontenot
Ma Belle Sophie - Johnnie Allan
Sugar Bee - Ron Bernard and Clifton Chenier
Bette and Dupree - Shelton Dunaway and the Cup Cakes
The Back Door - Rufus Jagneaux
Crazy Baby - Buck Rogers
You Know it ain't Right - Little Bob and the Lollipops
I'm Not a Fool Anymore - Belton Richard
Breaking up is Hard to do - Jivin' Gene and the Jokers
It's Too Late, He's Gone - Juanita Williams
Nobody But You - Little Bob and the Lollipops
Jailbird - Red Smiley
Rebecca Ann - D. J. Menard
Find Another Man - Tommy McClain
That's What I Love about My Baby - Wayne Toups
One More Chance - Ron Bernard
Our Love - Clint West
I'll Still be Your Friend - T. K. Hulin
Mathilda - Van Broussard