Show 528

Historic recordings III
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All Night Long - Burnett and Rutherford
Commentary - All Commentary is by Bashful Bob
Where Shall I Be When the First Trumpet Sounds - Reverend Edward W. Clayborn
Death is Only a Dream - Reverend Edward W. Clayborn
Then We'll Need That True Religion - Reverend Edward W. Clayborn
Blue Guitar Stomp - Clifford Hayes and His Louisville Stompers
If You can't make it Easy Sweet Mama - Clifford Hayes and His Jug Stompers
Please don't Holler Mama - Clifford Hayes and His Jug Stompers
Skin Game Blues - Peg Leg Howell
New Prison Blues - Peg Leg Howell
Hobo Blues - Peg Leg Howell
Worried Blues - Frank Hutchinson
Stackalee - Frank Hutchinson
The Train That Carried the Girl from Town - Frank Hutchinson
It's Heated - Frankie "half pint" Jaxson
Wet it - Frankie "half pint" Jaxson
Can't You Wait (until we get home) - Frankie "half pint" Jaxson
My Gals a Highborn Lady - Sam and Kirk McGee
Freight Train Blues - Sam and Kirk McGee
Knoxville Blues - Sam McGee
Laughing Rag - Roy Smeck
Black Snake Blues - Victoria Spivey
How do They do it That Way - Victoria Spivey
Don't trust Nobody Blues - Victoria Spivey
The Rising Sun - Alger "Texas" Alexander
Sitting on a Log - Alger "Texas" Alexander
She's Comin' Back Some Cold and Rainy Day - Barbecue Bob
Yo Yo Blues - Barbecue Bob
I'm on My Way Down Home - Barbecue Bob
Barbecue Blues - Barbecue Bob
Chocolate Right Down to the Bone - Frankie "half pint" Jaxson