Show 529

Historic Recordings IV
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Big Bill Blues - Big Bill Broonzy
Commentary - All Commentary is by Bashful Bob
Going to Georgia - Carolina Tar Heels
There ain't no use Working So Hard - Carolina Tar Heels
Your Low Down Dirty Ways - Carolina Tar Heels
My Home's Across the Blue Ridge Mountains - Carolina Tar Heels
Yellow Dog Blues - "Crying" Sam Collins
Lonesome Road Blues - "Crying" Sam Collins
My Road is Rough and Rocky - "Crying" Sam Collins
Midnight Special Blues - "Crying" Sam Collins
Alabama Hustler - Will Ezell
The Dozen - Will Ezell
Pitchin' Boogie - Will Ezell
Shake it Down - Lillian Glinn
I'm Through (crying over you) - Lillian Glinn
Cravin' a Man Blues - Lillian Glinn
Garlic Blues - Helen Humes
Million Dollar Secret - Helen Humes
Married Man Blues - Helen Humes
They Raided the Joint - Helen Humes
Old Dog Blues - Jim Jackson
Kansas City Blues - Jim Jackson
I'm Gonna Start Me a Graveyard of my own - Jim Jackson
This Morning She Was Gone - Jim Jackson
Hey Mama, It's Nice Like That - Jim Jackson
He's in the Jailhouse Now - Jim Jackson
The Wagoner's Lad - Buell Kazee
The Butcher's Boy - Buell Kazee
Pass Around the Bottle - Gid Tanner and His Skillet Lickers
Baby Will You Please Come Home - Lonnie Johnson
Man Stealer Blues - Lucille Bogan
Long Black Train - Lonnie Johnson
Southern Man Blues - Sylvester Weaver
I Like You - Sol Hoopii
Away Down in the alley Blues - Lonnie Johnson
Barbecue Bess - Lucille Bogan
Special Delivery Blues - Sippie Wallace
I Shall Not be Moved - Reverend Edward Clayborn